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sugarplum n : any of various small sugary candies

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For the candy, see sugar plum.
Amelanchier canadensis (Canadian serviceberry, Juneberry, Shadblow Serviceberry, Shadblow, Shadbush, Shadbush Serviceberry, Sugarplum, Thicket Serviceberry; syn. Amelanchier canadensis (L.) Medik. var. subintegra Fern., Amelanchier lucida Fern.) is a species of Amelanchier native to eastern North America in Canada from Nova Scotia west to southern Ontario, and in the United States from Maine south to Alabama. It is largely restricted to wet sites, particularly on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, growing at altitudes from sea level up to 200 m.
It is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing to 0.5–8 m tall with one to many stems and a narrow, fastigiate crown. The leaves are alternate, simple, ovate to ovate-oblong, 1–5.5 cm long and 1.8–2.8 cm broad with a rounded to sub-acute apex; they are downy below, and have a serrated margin and an 8–15 mm petiole. The flowers are produced in early spring in loose racemes 4–6 cm long at the ends of the branches; each raceme has four to ten flowers. The flower has five white petals 7.6–11 mm long and 2–4 mm broad, and 20 stamens. The fruit is a pome, 7–10 mm diameter, purple when ripe; it is edible and sweet., food, and ornamental plant.
The Sugar Plum's appearance is that of a gigantic purple grape. It is one of the few plums with a non-bitter skin.


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